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Multimedia journalist, broadcaster and producer. The elegance of the 1920s meets gritty, golden era hip-hop.

Real Witches, Real Talk – Podcast

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014

Witches are misunderstood and negatively stereotyped. In this podcast Kaylene Beaujolais interviews 4 witches in Portland, Oregon. Larry Savides, Pomegranate Doyle, Andrea Galluzzo and Thomas. They talk about witchcraft, what it is and isn’t. Some questions answered in this podcast are: What are spells? What is a curse? Witches Heal.

Produced by Kaylene Beaujolais

Rhea Wolf created the brilliant zine ‘Which is Witch’ about witches. It’s an easy to read, illustrated primer and helps dispel ignorance on the subject.

Get your copy here: Which is Witch Zine