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(Kaylene Beaujolais provided much of the research and writing that went into the client brief, creative brief and budget for this collaborative. She had many creative ideas about promoting Elio Motors to the unique market in Portland, Oregon.)

Date: 2014

Client: Elio Motors

Agency: M-1

Paul Elio designed a gas saving 3-wheeled vehicle and wants to launch it in Portland, Oregon. The cars have not yet been manufactured in large numbers. Providing that Elio takes off, there will be 1500 jobs added to the American Job market, adding to the American Made list.

Our main objectives were to successfully launch Elio to the Portland market and ensure that hard facts about the Elio company and car come across loud and clear. This immediately inspired us to take stock of this city today. We narrowed down our demographic to target ‘hipsters’, 20-45 years old, who are active, creative and artistic. And competitive. Portlanders like to one up each other with how much they know about the latest trends, especially those that are good for the environment. Portland is a place where hipsters feel pretty comfortable being considered weird, so what better market to drive consumers to want the first three-wheel car that gets 84 mpg!

Choosing a concept:

Elio Mood Board

Image by Antonia Flaig

Cliches of Portland’s hipster culture are rapidly spreading nation wide. In other words, people like to make fun of certain aspects of lifestyle in the city of roses. This led us down a path towards deciding to make a humorous, 60 second commercial that would feature two creative and competitive hipsters, a man and a woman. They race to be the first to show they know more about Elio and scramble to order their customized ride, proving to Portland hipster culture that they ‘fit in here’. Comic book style meets Portland sarcasm.

Kaylene Beaujolais wrote a script for the potential commercial:

Group M-1’s Pitch


Man and woman move to Portland.

Because it’s hip, cool, weird…..and they want to be a part of the revolution.

They pride themselves on being in the “know” when it comes to all kinds of forward thinking ideas, gadgets, lifestyles, and especially kinds of transportation.

They thought they knew everything there was to know about the most forward, grooviest transportation options, but they hadn’t heard about Elio. 

One day……..they meet at a coffee shop. 

(Dialogue read in a very fast, back and forth pace here)

WOMAN: “So, how are you settling in?”

MAN: “Great of course. There’s so much to do in Portland”

WOMAN: “Totally. And so many ways to get around.”

MAN: “Yeah, I rode the bus for like two hours to get to work yesterday.”

WOMAN: “Me too. Have you taken the train?”

MAN: “Yeah, and the train I was on hit someone!”

WOMAN: “What about car to go?”

MAN: “Yep, got my account before I moved here.”

WOMAN: “I rode my bike hardcore in the rain and got in a fight with an SUV driver.”

MAN: “I rode my bike naked. In the rain!”

WOMAN: “I rented a scooter for the day and cruised the west hills.”

MAN: “I rode on the back of a strangers’ Harley and peed my pants it was so scary.”

WOMAN: “I might buy a smart car.”

MAN: “Those are so last year, and cost like 15 thousand.”

……..insert more witty, fast paced banter here………..

(Outside the coffee shop, in front of the window they are sitting near, drives up an Elio…….)

WOMAN and MAN at the same time: “What is THAT?”

(The driver gets out, looking very hipster: beanie, plaid shirt, vans, beard, sunglasses, skinny jeans. Before he can make it to the door of the coffee shop he is swarmed by super speedy Woman and Man (fast motion photography), who besiege him outside.)

WOMAN and MAN at the same time: “What IS that?”

HIPSTER: “Um, it’s an Elio. You haven’t heard about Elio yet?”

Image by Antonia Flaig

Image by Antonia Flaig

(Woman and Man look at one another intensely. Eyes blazing, smoke threatening to pour out of their ears. Neither one wants to be the first to admit they hadn’t heard about the futuristic, bug like, Elio. They both take off running in opposite directions, peeling rubber with their tennis shoes on the pavement. (fast motion photography))

(Show Woman running up the stairs (fast motion photography) to her apartment. She quickly pushes things out of the way on her desk. Grabs her laptop and immediately begins googling Elio. BAM, emerge the graphics above her head listing relevant facts about Elio: 84 MPG. 672 mile range. $6,800 fully loaded.)

Image by Antonia Flaig

(Split screen now to show Man in his house. At kitchen table, also on computer. He can’t believe what he is reading about Elio and all of the sudden absorbs the very facts from the computer, they float out and into his brain, like the Matrix downloads in Neo…..he looks to be in a bit of a trance with a silly grin on his face because he loves what he’s reading……5 Star Crash Rating….)

Image by Antonia Flaig

Image by Antonia Flaig

Image by Antonia Flaig

Image by Antonia Flaig

Next…….show Woman and Man arrive at retail center at same time. Both are there to order customized Elios.

WOMAN (trying to seem super cool and calm) “Me buying an Elio is employing 1500 people in Caddo Parish, Louisiana.”

MAN: “I’m going to customize the crap out of my Elio. 90% of parts they use come from American manufacturers.”

WOMAN: “I’m getting a sunroof and a glittery pink wrap, done by (american company name here).”

MAN: “I’m going to make my first car payment as soon as I get my Elio by filling up the tank at the pump with my Elio credit card and then I’m going to drive to San Fransisco to visit Sally.”

WOMAN: “I’m going to make my first two car payments by filling up in Portland, driving to San Francisco. I’ll fill up again and drive to L.A. to remind myself why I love all things Portland.”

elio_mood_board 3

Image by Antonia Flaig

Woman and Man busily meet with salespeople. Pointing out on the wall all the customized features they each wish to have in their new Elio. Camera motions are sped up here, fast motion photography. Then we flash to the manufacturing plant where the car is put together. Bring in American manufacturing companies contributing their parts towards customization. This could be done in the style of the t.v. show, ’24’, where the clock is tick tick ticking, because you get your customized Elio  delivered to you just 24 hours after you order it.

Woman and Man toss and turn, again in a split television screen. They can’t sleep because they know they get to drive their Elios tomorrow. The episode would end with them both driving off into the sunset (or something like that) in their Elios after picking them up at their local Portland Elio Retailer!

Image by Antonia Flaig

Image by Antonia Flaig

Image by Antonia Flaig

Image by Antonia Flaig


“Elio Motors. The forward thinking car for progressive people.”