Kaylene Beaujolais

Multimedia journalist, broadcaster and producer. The elegance of the 1920s meets gritty, golden era hip-hop.

Whole Communities Radio

Whole Communities Radio Project presents: ‘Water’, produced by Kaylene Beaujolais. How urban streams affect human and wildlife populations In Portland, Oregon. As Portland has developed, many streams have been placed underground. This radio segment looks at the possibility of ‘daylighting’ some of these waterways, bringing them above ground.

Radio producer and documentarian, Barbara Bernstein, got a grant to create the Whole Communities Radio Project. Kaylene Beaujolais is one of the young producers Bernstein mentored as part of this larger project. 

For this 5 minute piece, Kaylene conducted all interviews and recorded all ambience and sound used within it. She transcribed the audio and wrote the script. Working with Barbara Bernstein, Kaylene recorded the narration and put it all together in Protools. It aired on KBOO radio in 2006.